Dr. Peter Scarfe


Position: Head of Vision and Haptics Laboratory.


Biography: After completing my PhD at the University of St. Andrews, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA), the Max Plank Institute for Biological Cybernetics (Tübingen, Germany), University College London (UCL), and Cambridge University. I moved to the University of Reading in 2013 as a post-doc, before being promoted to lecturer in August 2015.

Julie Skevik


Position: PhD Student


Biography: Julie is working on a project investigating how sensory information from vision and touch are combined to judge the position and shape of object boundaries. We are collaborating externally with Dr. Alan McWilliam (Christie Hospital / University of Manchester) to apply this knowledge to improving tissue delineation in medical imaging data. At Reading Julie is co-supervised by Prof. William Harwin and Dr. David Field.

Dan Norman


Position: PhD Student


Biography: Dan's research is focused on the design of a bi-manual haptic workstation. The system uses custom built haptic robotic devices coupled with a Oculus VR Headset. Vision and haptics are rendering using TOIA and Unreal Engine. This project is collaboration with  Prof. William Harwin's lab in Biomedical Sciences.

Anand Sivasubramaniam


Position: PhD Student


Biography: Anand is based at the University of Malaysia campus. Anand's research is focused on the multisenosry factors that affect the feeling of ownership in the rubber hand illusion. Anand is co-supervised with Dr Rachal Pye with close collaboration with Andreas Kalckert at the University of Skövde.


Mark Adams


Position: PhD Student


Biography: Mark's completed his PhD with Prof. Andrew Glennerster, Dr. Peter Scarfe and Prof. William Harwin on an EPSRC funded project examining how sensory information is integrated from vision and touch for 3D object location.

Arran Reader


Position: PhD Student


Website: click here


Biography: Arran completed his PhD in the lab of Dr. Nick Holmes and was co-supervised by  Dr. Anastasia Christakou and Dr. Peter Scarfe. His PhD focused on the imitation of meaningful and meaningless gestures, and how action knowledge might guide postural and kinematic components of action. Techniques included two-person motion-tracking paradigms and TMS.

Joining the Lab


We are always looking for enthusiastic post-docs, PhD students and MSc students to work in the lab. If you are interested in exploring funding opportunities please contact me with your CV and a description of your research interests.