Immersive Virtual Reality

Elevated view of a simulated room with three coloured spheres positioned within it. The dual panel to the upper right shows the perspective correct left- and right-eye images of the simulated environment, as seen by the observer. The inset video to the upper left shows an observer moving within the lab, the tracked coordinates of the headset driving the simulated environment in real-time. The Vicon ceiling mounted cameras, which track the headset, can be clearly seen.

In the upper left inset video we show a close up view of an observer wearing the HMD. In the simulated scene the headset markers are shown as red spheres, the centre of the headset model as a purple sphere, with an attached head-centred coordinate frame (x-dimension red, y-dimension green, and z-dimension blue). The purple wire-frame cube is rendered with the position and orientation of the person’s head.